I thought it would be fun to share with you, our interview schedule.

We are on air at 1pm & 7pm daily at www.cravingtalkradio.com or you can download as a podcast for later listening.

Our first interview was with Belinda & Terry, this is their lovely garden.


and a more romantic version, the pool is so inviting….

belinda impressionist

and the famous ‘Zen’ deck, now sanded and restored to its glory…

belinda zen deck

Our next interview was with John Stanley of John Stanley Associates in Australia, we didn’t talk about his garden as it’s a tad larger than most as you can see – what a view !

2013-11-15 18.45.34 HDR


What we did talk about was trends in edibles  and concerns over  bees, you can hear both on Craving Talk Radio.com, we are due to revisit John in Perth again shortly.


Coming up soon is :-

Kelly Daniels lovely garden,

kelly Gallery garden

and here is some of her superb photography.


Then we have:

Dwayne Hoover the Horticulturist at the  Kauffman Memorial Garden in Kansas City we caught up with Dwayne early one morning – 6am to be precise, the team was starting to put together the summer bedding.


Then it’s Jenny’s turn  and her Fairy Room at the Celtic Ranch along with ‘Half-pint McGee’, who will soon be your little heart throb…….


Then it’s the turn of the Nelson Atkins Museum in Kansas City,


and the lovely sculpture park. You have to be strong to play badminton here !


and my favorite the Henry Moore collection…


this next amazing sculpture is some 56ft tall..


to read more about our rather different programs visit www.grotrends.com

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