Today there are many more who would like to grow their own Herbs & Vegetables, the desire is not just from homeowners with traditional gardens, but also those living in flats & apartments, using either a balcony or a kitchen window.

Those without any space are looking at allotments & community gardens when they catch the ‘bug’

Demand is ‘growing’ all the time, from all over the world.

Schools are finding that they need to include growing in the curriculum showing children how to grow edibles which leads to more interest in cooking, which then creates a much healthier lifestyle and a huge demand for fresh food.

So what are the best ways to grow?

This is an interesting question and I suspect the real answer is – It depends !

It depends where you are in the world

It depends on where you want to grow

It depends what you want to grow

It depends how much light, heat and water you have available.

It depends how much time you want to spend growing.

It also depends on what resources you may have to use.

Initially it depends how much skill you have, interestingly while you will quickly learn ‘How to’ , mother nature has a habit of throwing you a curve ball now and then, so somethings you expect to do will with will suddenly suffer and others will thrive.

So let’s take a look at the methods of growing first as we could spend simply ages trying to find the best places and times to grow.

Small :-

Can be as small as a pot , grow bag or individually planted between existing plants in a landscape.

herb pot 2

Medium :-

Multi pots, planters, or raised vegetable garden

herb 1a


Fenced in Garden, Roof garden, Commercial enterprise.

wattle edge to garden1

What would you like to start?

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