Plant time

Ann the “Gardening Girl’ is from Nebraska. Chris is a transplanted British landscape consultant.


Two Projects we Designed & Built


Together, we have many years of experience. We have both spent much of our working lives designing, building and managing beautiful landscapes.

Creating and managing these wonderful landscapes is lots of work. It is a fun, very rewarding occupation.

Our work has encompassed, small and large gardens, roof gardens, city parks, streets, shopping centers, schools, golf courses, museums, estates even the odd museum and royal palace.

Press Day at Chelsea

Using many traditional materials. Such as natural stone, water, metals, bricks and timber.

Or incorporating more modern materials, such as glass, fiberglass, lighting, mirrors, and irrigation.

Treated Timber Trellis prior to staining

Working with nature is often a challenge. The weather frequently disrupts how a project progresses.

Materials sometimes act in unpredictable ways. Achieving a constant quality finish is the true art of the craftsmen.

Moon Gate

We invite you to come take a look with us. See what is possible.

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