Rock faced planter
Rock faced planter

Light weight Roof garden

I have always liked this one..
We were commissioned to Design and Build a roof garden, to comply with a local planning condition.
So we utilised artificial rocks made from GRP – we took moulds of actual rock faces and pieced them together to form a sealed planter – First picture
Then we joined these together added compost and plants …. the result an award winning roof garden..
There was a funny moment when a visiting Japanese manager of the company we were working for,  came up to me one evening while I was checking the summer planting one year.

He bowed formally ( the Japanese are so polite), any way after bowing he tapped on the rock and said ” Ah Rock ”
I , with a slight smile, bowed and tapped the rock and and said “No Plastic” !! to which he looked puzzled and then smiled ,then saw the humour in the situation and roared with laughter… we kept the contract for many more years !!

Super light weight planters
Super light weight planters

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