We’re going to have an Internet radio show !


Ok so we’ve been busy, completing our plans to bring to you a really exciting and different way to discover and enjoy your garden landscape.

The first is our new Free PicaGardi app – it’s in the iTunes store and Google play, it’s fun, easy to use and growing… take a look and let us know what you think.

The second is our new internet radio show, it’s going to be specially for the homeowner, discussing new trends, how, where, what, and when to do projects, with interviews from homeowners and professionals,both here and abroad… more shortly.

Finally, we have a growing Twitter site called PicaGardi.. drop by and send us a tweet!

When you go to iTunes or Google Play stores this is the App logo to look for.

App logo

Here’s a screen shot of the first page of the App…..


You may either use a ‘Gallery Picture‘ or take a new ‘Picture‘ , when you press the ‘Ideas button‘ a series of suggestions will slide across the screen, when you see one you like just ‘Tap‘, then ‘Pinch‘, ‘Move‘, and finally ‘Scale to size‘ to see how it would look. If you then want more information press ‘Info¬†button‘ to be taken to the web site.


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