This BBQ is a bespoke tailor made version for an English client, the 8 inch oak posts and second hand peg tiles , add much of it’s charm.

The grill used charcoal, well I’m a purist, we made it in two sections so you can fast and slow cook….

The BBQ below is from a cousins in central France, they would burn the logs in the early morning, and then just use the embers to cook with, unless they were preparing a whole pig or lamb in which case they had a scooter motor adapted to turn the spit over the coals.


The rest of this lovely restful weekend house was a converted  mill house.



So back to BBQ’s, cooking pork cutlets heavily coated in Dijon mustard and sprinkled with Herbes de Provence

I discovered that if you wrap these cutlets ( they need to have fat marbling ) in foil and BBQ them they taste even juicier than just simply BBQ’ing on a hot grill. Fantastic with dry Rose wine from Provence or the Rhone for that matter.. and a light salad…

The inside still had the mill stone housing, although the floor had been changed to multi color changing light show…

Mont Pont067



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