PicaGardi Weekend Garden Kits


PicaGardi Weekend Garden Kits

Weekend 'Bite -sized' landscapes
Weekend ‘Bite -sized’ landscapes

This seating area would take the average couple between 4 – 6 hours to complete using one of our standard weekend garden kits, the seat, all the plants, planting compost, fertilizer & mulch.

Stone bath  with Herbs

This beautiful Herb feature would take less than 4 hours to complete, but remember the stone bath is very heavy.

'Knot' Garden with rosemary edge

Becoming much more popular is the Herb/Veggie/Plant combinations, here we have started a base ‘Knot’ garden. These used to be extremely complicated to layout and plant, our PicaGardi Design Mats have changed that, now they are quick and easy to complete.

Fun, Family Landscaping

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