Roof Gardens

Some years ago we started designing and building roof gardens, in those days specialised materials were not too plentiful, so invariably we ended up inventing our own solutions. This award winning project dates back to 1984.

Here’s how we did this :

Specialised planter box
Specialised planter box

Each plant grouping is planted inside a GRP container that has artificial rock sides, the larger rocks are free standing, the containers are filled with planting compost. The paving is laid on spreader pads, and the gravel is in free draining grids on spreader pads. This means the only variable is the snow loading.

Well apart from a particularly violent storm , ok, it was a hurricane in 1987 which lifted one of the larger rocks off the roof and blew it off the four storey roof into the Kingston upon Thames marker square. It was easy enough to recover, but being so large it wouldn’t fit in the building elevators so we had to haul it up the outside of the building to reposition it.

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