Residential Landscaping

Landscaping around homes has developed from the growing home ownership revolution.

In  pre -victorian times, large country estates could afford large teams of gardeners.

They grew vegetables, planted trees, scythed grass, raked drives.

Grew flowers in hot houses. Plant shrubs etc. around the large homes.

It was a time when large public parks were created,by gifted people like Frederick Law Olmsted in America – the founder of Landscape Architecture,

Sir Jeffery Jellico, Gertrude Jekyll, Sir Edward Lutyens, Thomas Mowson, Thomas Church, Rosemary Verey, Russell Page, Wolfgang Oehme, James Van Sweden,

Along with these esteemed designers. A growing number of inventions came along to make the process much easier and cheaper.

The Lawn mower in all its forms.

The tractor.

Steam Shovels.

Traction Engines to name but a few.

Today we take for granted chain saws, mini tractors, jcb’s, powered mowers, bobcats, mini excavators, graders, four in one buckets, leaf blowers, strimmer’s, a myriad of hand powered tools.