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 We have thrived on challenges over the years, Roof Gardens are technically difficult,requiring a high degree of planning and management... here are a few to enjoy.

This was the hardest to date, the only access was via the ladders you see below. Everything was brought up via a temporary hoist to the platform you see  - some 110 plus tons !

This next one was fun and won another award. The rocks are made from fibreglass, made into sealed containers they make excellent planters !

Here is one of the planters we fabricated for this project..light weight and easy to transport to the roof.

Here is another using fibreglass planters..

This next one was technically challenging. We used TimberGrid to form wooden modular planters, that also allowed us to hide the ventilation ducts that were running over the roof space.Happily this also won an Award - the judges commented on how all the screw heads lined up on the decking !! mm - Yes, we used screws, they are much better than nails .

This highly prestigeous project had over 1/4 mile of balcony planters, and a large amount of external works, we maintained this site for many years, winning an award for the aftercare.

Another prestigeous site this time in central london, the landscape area has a car park underneath.

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