Landscape Design,Construction,Consultancy & Management


The ideal contractor, if such an organisation exists, and they do if you look - would be, professional,dedicated to quality,reasonable,efficient,friendly,and able to interpret yours and the designers wishes.


  • Being a member of a Professional trade association is a big plus.
  • Has all necessary licenses and Contractors "All Risk " Insurance
  • Professionally designed letter heads and vehicle decals
  • Uniformed staff
  • New or well maintained equipment
  • Clean tools on the job site
  • Employed staff
  • Uses a staff training program.
  • Keeps the site clean & tidy all the time ! - including their work !!


Don't we all wish ! 

Most often the project cost is above your estimate, and there is nearly always an extra or two that has been genuinely overlooked. Hold back 5 - 10% from your budget - don't let the contractor know the figure- keep this contingency for the unexpected. Then don't just agree to an extra without checking what was allowed for originally.

The trick here is to avoid costly alterations, or change orders.

An efficient contractor will save you a lot of money in the long run, keeping to the program

If materials have to be ordered, make decisions early so that there are no costly hold ups or alterations to the program.


Quality is a very subjective word, one person's quality is anothers cheap product.

The trick is to decide on how long you want the work to last, as it is often what is beneath the surface that dictates how good and how long lasting the surface finish can be maintained.

Stock brick wall and piers, with dark stained mortar, heavy duty gate set on 'I' beams inside the piers, set in mass concrete. Will still be here in 30 years time !