Landscape Design,Construction,Consultancy & Management

Landscape management, and or supervision, can make or break a project.

For a private client, you usually have to rely on the company's staff, often the site foreman, with an occasional visit from a contracts manager.

Commercially there are various on site supervisors keeping a watchful eye on proceedings. We learned our skills in a very demanding highly regarded london parks department where everything was built to last a lifetime.

If your project is reasonably large we do offer to manage your project for you from the Design up to Completion for a fee, usually between 8% - 12% of the contract value.

With 19 National Awards for our work we are perhaps uniquely equipped to help ensure a successful outcome of your project.

My suggestion for the more modest sized projects for private clients is this.

Make sure you take a look at the site foremans work, visit one of his previous jobs.

Talk to him about work, and quality, can you work with him? Ask for a program of work, so you have a good idea of what is due to happen and when.

When the work starts take daily photographs of the work as it progresses, keep a log of workers on site.

Arrange to have a weekly site meeting with company management, make payments at these meetings, after a valuation which you participate in.- after an initial deposit, which is reasonable,don't be too willing to pay in front of completed work. In other words establish a regular valuation for actual work done and arrange to pay say every two weeks.

Avoid changing what work is to be done - Variation or Change orders can become very expensive. if you do change something, make sure you have a quotation for the work, ie, a fixed price and confirm in writing all changes and all price alterations, both up and down in price.

We use forms etc for keeping track of the work as it progresses, how to supervise the work is an art in itself, what items to ask questions about etc., is all based on experience. The cost of paying for this type of management is often the difference between a successfully completed project and one that over runs and could have been better.