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Experience tomorrow's landscapes today.

The commitment and sheer hard work required to achieve career success nowadays takes a heavy toll on our lifestyles.

All of us need to counterbalance a busy work schedule with the right level of relaxation.

For centuries gardens have been places of retreat and contemplation where our minds, detached from everyday problems,can resolve conflicts and plan confidently for the future.

A rare moment of peace in the perfect haven of a garden brings us renewed harmony with nature.

We specialise in creating architecturally designed gardens that will delight the eye and enrich the quality of your life.The garden is in our opinion even more important than an extra room to your house and has more chance of adding value to your home.

Our designs will take into account your personality and express your own sense of style.

Whatever your needs, we can match with imagination and creativity that has won a host of International Awards for excellence since 1984.

If you are looking for your own Designer we would recommend this approach.


Firstly, I am a believer in employing a Landscape Designer, Garden Designer or Landscape Architect; someone with a wealth of knowledge, experience and skill, they can show you ways to really improve your property, so that you gain years of enjoyment, whilst adding value by making it more attractive, utilising the best materials for the job, and  possibly saving you money in the long run.

There are a number of ways to find such a person. For a start you have :

Landscape Architects

Landscape Designers

Garden Designers

I would  find out if any of your local friends who have had work carried out would recommend someone - this is usually , but not always a good first step.

There are various Professional bodies who will also provide you with names of skilled professionals in your area.

Even if you don't employ a designer to create your design you will be paying for a design of sorts, through the overheads of the firm you employ to do the work. The results may then be restricted somewhat as to what could be achieved, and very likely nothing like as good as a creative designer could conjure up.

It is always wise to look at at least three designers work before making a decision.

The main things to look for in a Designer are.

An understanding of the clients needs, a sense of order,detail and tidiness to their work.

Have they listened to your hopes and desires ?

Look at their layouts, portfolios, any artists impressions and then look at the before pictures and then the completed works pictures do they look like the artists impressions ?

Does one design stand out in your eyes as being the kind of style you are looking for?

Does he/her  have good ideas?

Do you feel at ease with  him/ her,?

Have they won many awards ? - we have always approached each project as a potential award winner, which may explain how we have received 19 Awards over the years.

These and many more items are discussed in greater detail inside this web site.

The next important item is making sure you have someone who can manage the project correctly, often this person is the Landscape Contracts manager of the firm you select, if this is the case you want to make sure he or she is up to the job.

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