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In 1984 we laid our first "dry lay" drive, that is a drive where the bricks or concrete blocks were laid on a sand layer rather than mortared into place. They still need a suitable sub base ( load bearing surface of limestone) , but removing the mortar has many advantages and few disadvantages.

In 1985 we launched 'Designer Drives' a way to always know "Our Drives" we soon offered - recessed covers (there are two in this picture) we also added a canted brick edge, and an expected design life of 2 million axle loads - a technical way of saying most domestic drives will last for a great many years!

Brick Drives, Block Drives, Asphalt Drives, Fibredec Drives, Granite Sett Drives. All have a place to be used, it all depends on the site conditions, the use and to a smaller extent the clients budget.

This beautiful drive is constructed with a brick edge, limestone sub base, dense base macadam, with a Fibredec bound gravel top wearing surface.

This combination is extremely attractive, reasonably long lasting ( usually around 10 years before a new coating is required) and low maintenance.

Producing an almost perfect  first impression to a lovely residence.

Full details on how to build such a lovely drive can be found inside this site.