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For the past  35 years we have, Designed ,Built, Project Managed and Maintained a wide variety of award winning( 19 to date) landscape schemes, many have been our own designs, others have been for well known Designers and Landscape Architects.

Everyone who saw our work asked us to put our experiences down on paper, for all to enjoy and perhaps find some good ideas. So after some consideration we have started. You will see a huge variety of gardens, from the small cottage garden to the large estate, highly detailed commercial projects, roof gardens, playgrounds and parks.

Many received awards,we have collected 19 to date. - the result of team work between all the staff.

Please take a moment and enjoy what can be done, we would welcome a comment or two..yes, we love the work we do and the joy it brings our clients!

My aim is to give you an insight into how to develop a successful project that will stand the passage of time and provide years of enjoyment to all that are lucky enough to see it. It has been such fun and enjoyment being allowed to develop these projects over the years, to all our clients thank you for allowing us to work for you.

Take a few minutes to look around these first pages you will be amazed at what you can do. Simple design with exquisite detail is a true art form, those that can do this are worth seeking out. By all means contact me if you wish. We work these days in both England and America, offering Design,Consultancy,Management and Construction.

When asked what was my most favorite project ?

My answer is always , well it depends on what you mean:

The Most Challenging ?

This has to be the Museum of London’s, London Pride exhibition, designed by two wonderful landscape architects, the late Carol Colson and Richard Stone. Building a 26000 sq ft roof garden with access via a smoke vent halfway up an underground car park wall with an opening of 900mm and two expensive cars on either side is certainly a challenge, especially as you then had to travel another 15 metres before going vertically for three floors to the roof ! The project required about 110 tons or so of additional material transported that way, no mean feat for the staff.

We then manned the exhibition for three months !

The most exciting : -

 Well that is always the Chelsea Flower show, having built three, they are  wonderful, everyone helps everyone, there is a spirit of excellence all around, it’s a very intense time, complicated, awkward for deliveries, a nightmare when the weather plays up, but somehow it always turns out fine.–well almost !!

The most beneficial ?

The most beneficial in my mind was Raglan School, it was a wonderful opportunity to develop a really good idea, the creation of a Kentish River Bank on a former car park area by Architect Andrew Scott RIBA, who asked us to work up his ideas. Mike Middleton one of our Landscape Architects with some help from the team produced an amazing award winning scheme, which we were fortunate to be able to construct. The result was simply exceptional. As can be seen the children use the garden as a quiet area, there are ceramic fish swimming in the dry river bed, all the plants and material were sourced from Kent. Many planted three or four times over as all the children were encouraged to participate ! There was, by the way, zero vandalism.

This fun project won a number of awards

The Most Attractive ?

Well as of now I have no idea, is 10 years or even 20 years long enough to tell ?

Seriously though, remember that the true benefits from such work only emerge some two to three growing seasons after installation, but more of that later. In the meantime if you would like to contact us about a particular project you have in mind we would welcome an email from you - contact us at